Julián Barón Julian Baron C.E. N.S. U. R.A. Julian Baron Dossier Hummint Julian Baron TAUROMAQUIA Julian Baron Los últimos días vistos del rey. Actas y clímax Julian Baron Régimen visual

Member of Blank Paper Collective. Director and teacher of Blank Paper School Online, Valencia and Castellón from 2007 to 2015.

The content, the exhibition and the publication of Julián Barón´s work depict a constant dialog between images and their production, propagation, and consumption.

Nominated by Fannie Escoulen for the Discovery Prize-Rencontres d’Arles 2015, wherein he presented the installation Visual Regime with three of his projects: C.E. N.S. U. R.A., TAUROMAQUIA and Los últimos días vistos del rey. His works have been exhibited in Mapfre Foundation in Spain, Netherlands Photo Museum, Get It Louder Beijing, Chang Jiang Biennale, Chongquing, China and Centre d´Art Pompidou- Metz.

His interest for investigation, experimentation and pedagogy has created new lines of work and collaborations. In 2014, alongside Jon Cazenave, he created HorizonLab, an open laboratory where they experimented with the natural light and the space of the Galerie du 10 at the French Institute in Madrid, in connection with 1+1 = 12, Contemporary Photography Meetings, curated by Érika Goyarrola and Nicolás Combarro.

Julián Barón participated in the group show P2P, Contemporary Practices in Spanish Photography, curated by Charlotte Cotton, Iñaki Domingo and Luis Díaz (30y3.com). He has curated the presentation of 111 Spanish photographers in the audiovisual No Comment, projected within the three day screenings programme of PhotoEspaña, Flashing, Dazzling, Breaking Away: A Chronicle of Contemporary Photography in Spain, directed by Alejandro Castellote.

In 2016, working together with the Photographic Social Vision's Education Department, he created and directed a program called Lesson Plan: european experimentation; a proposal of exercises working with teenagers from schools, institutes and cultural centers in Barcelona. The results of the didactic activities will be displayed in the group show Myths of the Near Future, curated by Natasha Christia at the DOCfield'16 -Europe: Lost in Translation.

Currently he coordinates imagenred.org an online project of pedagogic, collaborative and transversal profile, supported by Fotocolectania Foundation.