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Laboratorio Experimental con Jon Cazenave y Julián Barón

Horizon was part of 1+1=12. Encuentros de Fotografía Contemporánea., curated by Érika Goyarrola and Nicolás Combarro. Sponsored by the Institut français de Madrid, 12 paired authors spoke at the "Galerie du 10" in 6 different exhibitions during the months of March, April and May 2014.

This project proposed a dialogue between two authors, from the theory and the photographic practice, which has as it’s starting point the origin and the photographic experimentation.
Different elements makes up the corpus of the exhibition dialogue:

• Dialogue of seas: two projections that broadcast live the image of the sea of each author.
• Solar banner: a structure placed in the outdoor patio that, thanks to a set of mirrors, follows the path of the sun illuminating the interior of the room.
• Parliament of seas: a structure in the middle of the room on which the authors work from images in dialogue and constant relocation.
• The rope: a tensioned rope that delimits the space directing the spectator.
• Ring chairs: circle of twelve seats where conversations, dialogues and parliaments which are held between the authors, the public and guests.

Barón and Cazenave converge in this project through which they interrogate and question. A laboratory where authors share anxieties, fantasies and memories, building a plural discourse from images taken from the privacy and the feeling to create a vibrant horizon.

Take a look to all the work realized in labhorizon.net