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Film Los últimos días vistos del rey.

In Spain, in the summer of 2015, took place an abdication ceremony and proclamation of kings, broadcast live on the national television channel TVE. I named the project ‘’The last days seen by the king’’ and was it published in a book that was annexed to the books ‘’The last days of Franco seen on TVE’’ and ‘’The last days of the King seen on TVE’’. The both books were published in 1975.

‘’The last days seen by the king’’ examines the construction of history through these ceremonies as ritual, where the viewer is invited to question this construction. On one hand, the work is resolved in a book where we see images taken from my HDTV with a high quality camera demonstrating the importance given to the media to represent, record, and celebrate a historical moment. Images which has subsequently been sectioned, enlarged, dyed and arranged on a green background (acting as chroma, tool to distort the image in film and television productions) that interrupts, deconstructs and interrogates images and their suspected veracity.

The film of this serie is based on the aerial image that dominates most of the time the broadcast of the event. The assembly of this film is focused on this type of images where the common denominator is the vertical perspective. The assembly work consisted of: the filtering of all these vertical images and delete the rest, zooming on digital video recording TV, altering the speed and immerse the result in a green chroma layer. Without audio.

Julián Barón. Spain, August 2014.